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Battle Station Charles by Artman2112
Battle Station Charles
A few months ago I acquired a new 27" puter monitor. I knew setting it up was going to have a huge domino effect and turn into a big project so i kinda put off hooking it up until last weekend lol. it took an enitr day and most of the night to get everything changed around, hung that little cabinet on the wall above the printer and c;eaned everything. so now I have both puters up and running nicely plus my TV/DVD setup that plays nothing but Loretta Young films 24/7...ok not really but i might try that some weekend lol.
Shahna of Triskelion Redux
The last couple of months I havent been feeling it with color much so I've been working on upping my game on my graphite work. I've been looking at a lot of art by Jay Anacleto and asking myself what is it about his stuff that makes it so much better than mine? The short answer was....everything! lol! But instead of slicing my wrists and lighting myself on fire until there were nothing but charred remains (the EASY way out!) I decided to work on some things a bit. I bought some softer grade pencils than I usually use in the hopes of creating a better range of values in my graphite pictures, something they definitely lack! Anyway I liked this pose from before and thought it was a good subject to try improving on.

tech stuff: 4H, 2H, HB, 2B, 4B pencils on 18 x 24 vellum surface bristol paper
Shahna of Triskelion
Ever since I was about 12 years old I have LOVED the original Star Trek series yet in all these years I have never drawn any of the awesome space hotties from the show! WELL, it was time to DO something about that and so here is my first ever Trek Chickie, the glorious, unforgettable, Angelique Pettyjohn as "Shahna" from the 2nd Season episode "Gamesters of Triskelion". All graphite on approx 16" x 24" drawing paper, HB pencil. most definitely a candidate for a full blown colored pencil piece sometime soon.
Loretta Young in color by Artman2112
Loretta Young in color
all colored pencil on bristol paper. just shy of life-size, or in the case of Loretta... life *siiiighs*


United States
i sit in my Fortress of Solitude surrounded by pencils...pencils, pencils, pencils, everywhere.... hey man got any pencils? i need pencils!!!!!

and a maid too! or a wife! OR a wife that will dress like a maid when she's cleaning up after me....yeah that's it! nothing like a good old fashioned sexist fantasy *sigh*

I'm a 45 year old self taught artist living the quiet life in Vermont. I was weened on Frazetta, DC and EC comics, old movies and rock music and all of that gets into my art at some point. I'm also highly influenced by Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Old Hollywood Glamour, the Pre-Raphaelites and other Victorian masters, William Bouguereau, Berni Wrightson, Mike Kaluta, Alphonse Mucha, Olivia, Virgil Finlay, Enoch Bolles, Rolph Armstrong, Carmine Infantino, Al Feldstein and all the guys from EC comics, Van Gogh, Dave Stevens, Richard Corben, N.C.Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, Robert McGinnis, Frank Lloyd Wright and many others.

the fictional character i most aspire to emulate is Howard Rourke from Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead", a man who IS and knows it!

my fave artist: Frank Frazetta, fave band: RUSH, fave actor: James Cagney, fave actress: Loretta Young

i love DC and EC comics!

i LOOOOOOVE Harley Quinn! Squee!

my fave car is the 1968 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi, black on black on black.

I love watching silent films

John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Buster Keaton, Steve McQueen, John Garfield, Bruce Lee, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Jackie Chan are totally awesome.

I LOVE the Star Wars saga and also the original Star trek series and films.

my trademark color is purple.

Cyd Charisse is my fave female dancer. Ann Miller a close second.

i love my little kitty Mathilda.

When i'm not drawing i like to play guitar, make things out of wood, watch old movies, lift weights, pet my little kitty, and eat -especially Italian food, a good steak, chocolate cake, cheesecake or ice cream.

I collect vintage movie paperware and classic movie star autographs and have them hung all over my house along with prints from my fave artists and my own work too of course. i love books. i love old cars, especially the American muscle cars of the 1960's. I stay up too late, always over sleep and i'm always hungry.

draw what you love so you can enjoy the creative process no matter how it turns out. you'll never make good art if you dont make some bad art along the way. we learn more from one bad picture then from 10 good ones. never stop learning or trying to be better. For me, making art is a bit of talent and a LOT of hard work and trial and error (ohhhhh the errors!)

"Great drawing is produced with knowledge, skill, feeling, imagination and the concepts of growth and action" - Jack Faragasso

"Can greater misery be conceived than that experienced by the artist who feels the fulfillment of his dream compromised by the impotence of his execution?" - William Bouguereau

"Taste is what seperates the men from the boys"- Frank Frazetta

"I wish you was a wishin' I could tie a bucket to ya and sink ya! - James Cagney

"You Talkin' ta me?" - Robert DeNiro

"This is some fucked up repugnant shit!" - Sam Jackson

**RIP Frank Frazetta - 1928-2010**
thank you for changing my life Frank.

Current Residence: Vermont
Favourite genre of music: Rock/heavy metal/ fusion
Favourite photographer: Elmer Fryer, George Hurrell, Bert Six, Lotus73
Favourite style of art: realism, pin up, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, pre-raphaelite, 20th century illustrators
Operating System: is Vista a system?
Shell of choice: candy coated, like M&M's
Wallpaper of choice: vinyl, good for the bathroom
Skin of choice: caucasion, its what i was born with
Favourite cartoon character: Harley Quinn
Personal Quote: Fughedaboudit!
I have listed 10 pieces of my artwork at ebay with more to be listed over the next few weekends! i am making room in the closet for NEW art and so I must get rid of some of the older stuff! everything is at VERY reasonable prices so if you have ever thought you'd enjoy having one of my pictures for your very own, NOW is the time!!!!! happy bidding!!! :D…
  • Mood: Anger
  • Listening to: Roger Eno
  • Watching: anything with Loretta Young!
  • Playing: LES PAUL!
  • Eating: foodses
  • Drinking: i lik-a da juice!

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